Thursday, April 5, 2012


COMING INCREDIBLY SOON. This is a rough and tough game about dwarfs knocking each-other into pits.

I'm prettymuch ready to sell this bad-boy, I just ordered the prototype. All the art and everything is done. The game is going to cost between $20-$30, which is perfectly reasonable for a board game, especially one with so many features. The final game has 3 different game boards each with different modes of play from racing, to battling over gold, to beating up dangerous gnomes, 4 different playable dwarfs, a buttload of weapons, and who knows what else.

 All I'm really concerned with now is playtest data to make sure I didn't forget anything. That's where you come in!
this here is the Print and Play demo for the game! It contains everything one might need to fully test out the first two game modes. Any feedback is appreciated. Seriously.

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