Tuesday, May 1, 2012


You can get it here! It's a complete game!

It's for sale at thegamecrafter.com, which I have to mention, is a fantastic resource for hobby guys and people who want to make good-quality prototypes.

What I'm thinking of doing (possibly once I have a couple more games available) is ordering a bunch of copies and hitting up conventions. Maybe setting up a fancy little booth. Demo the game with people. Maybe some day soon!

Whats that? you want clues regarding my next project? well I got 3 for yas.

1. A game called Placeships; Interplace Stellarventure
It's about place explorers competing to complete missions, deep in inter place! Formulate a plan and mess with everyone else's!
2. A game inspired by Clocktower for Super Nintendo. Teenage girls and monsters. Who can you trust? Will you survive the night? The gameboard might look something like clue.
3. A tabletop strategy game that emulates Smash Bros. Some guy was getting a lot of attention for his luck-based smash bros board game where every character is exactly the same. That just isn't right.

So those are what I've been tinkering with mainly. They're all already pretty built up foundation-wise. Got a bunch of notes and stuff written up.


  1. Something along the lines of Clocktower would be brilliant. I watched a playthrough on Gamecenter CX AKA Retro Game Master and thought it was really interesting.

    Another cool idea to incorporate into more games would be the mechanic from Risk Legacy. In Legacy, every game changes the way that it'll be played the next. Basically, each time you play, it is farther along in the timeline of earth and what you did in the last game has ramifications. So, a few hardcore tabletop gamers can play a series of games that they help build.

    1. I was actually talking to somebody last night about games where the results can affect the next time the game is played. I think it's a fun idea. Adds a kind of campaign feel to it. Like adding experience points to team fortress.